Best Baby Toys FOR The First Year

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Hey, Mom!

Don`t you feel overwhelmed? Do you have no idea which toys to buy for your little baby? I know exactly what you feel. There are way too many toys available. Often we end up with useless, inappropriate toys at home.

How should you know which ones are good and which are a waste of money? What should you consider when buying a new toy?

First of all, we should go for toys that are already tried by other kids. We have access to a great amount of reviews on any product. So take your time and read what parents are saying about a particular toy.

The recommended age isn`t really helpful. I have known 5 years olds play with toys designed for 2 years old. You should only listen to the age recommendation that says: ” Not for children under three “. Those may contain small parts and constitute a choking hazard. Never buy toys with small parts for young kids.

Below you can find the best toys for the first year of your child`s life. I have chosen only the best toys: safe, award-winning, highly-parent-rated. There are a lot of them, so you can make the decision which one is the best for your little baby. Of course, you do not need all of them. Actually, less is more in this case. Multitasking is bad for all of us, especially for children and may slow down their development. According to studies, kids should play with one toy at a time.

There is also a short description of baby development month by month so you understand why a particular toy is excellent for a specific age. But don`t worry. Do not take milestones too seriously. All children are different and they will do things in their own time.

1 Month

Your baby’s hearing is fully developed, so talk to your little one a lot 😉 They will turn their head to the source of the voice. Remember that you should talk gently. He is startled by loud and unexpected voices.

A newborn baby’s vision is very fuzzy. He can see no more than 30 cm, so when you smile at your baby, come close. For really little babies there are a lot of black and white toys. It`s because they can see high contrast much easier.

Most babies sleep a lot during the first several months. It’s completely normal so don`t worry. Use this time to rest. You need it.

Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse

This toy is really highly-rated by parents. They say it helps their kids to fall asleep and becomes the best friend when your kid gets older.

The seahorse plays up to 5 minutes, 8 different lullabies. It`s available in 2 colors: blue and pink.

 Kids love to snuggle with it. All of the parent reviews I read say they would recommend it.

Buy it on Amazon


WubbaNub Infant Pacifier – Giraffe

This is one of my favorites. WubbaNub pacifier is 2in1, pacifier and plush toy.

There are a whole variety of designs. You can choose from giraffe, elephant, penguin, lamb and much more. It looks so cute. Everybody falls in love with it.

What about safety? It`s perfectly safe. The WubbaNub is designed using a soothing medical grade pacifier that is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-free. It is also easy to keep clean. You can just put it in a washing machine.

WubbaNub is very durable, so probably will last much longer than your baby will need it, ready for the next generation.

Buy it on Amazon


Baby Shower Gift – Baby Blanket + Toy Bunny Set

A plush toy is very cuddly. Ideal for the first toy. The soft blanket will be also really needed during first months.

High quality, totally worth the price.

Buy it on Amazon


2 Month

They can now see 60 cm from their face. They are not yet an “eagle eye” and prefer contrast images or strong colors. That is the perfect time to introduce a baby gym. But watch out. Do it in short sessions. 10 minutes may already be a hard exercise.

Your little one starts to recognize voices. Reading may soothe him and make him more familiar with your voice. Take a look at the book recommended for 11 month olds. It`s a great story with beautiful illustrations. One of the best baby books I’ve ever seen.

Baby Gym

Rainforest™ Music & Lights Deluxe Gym. Baby gyms are a great exercise for 2 months old babies. Your little bee will follow the toy movement which is the perfect distance from his still fuzzy vision.

This gym comes with 10 various toys including a mirror and take-along musical toucan.

Thanks to three ways to play: Lay & play, tummy time and take-along, the gym will be a long-term investment in baby development.

You can find a lot of different baby gyms on Amazon. I personally like this one. Parents reviews are also high. Average rating is 4,6/5.

Buy it on Amazon

Black & White Baby Board Book

From my experience, this book is perfect for infants. Babies look at the sites of th book with such interest, that you can easily get them to move their head and follow the book to practice neck strength.

That low price makes it a wonderful gift for newborns.

Buy it on Amazon

3 Month

He develops more a sense of touch. It would be perfect to help your baby broaden his experiences. Provide him various textured materials. Skin to skin touch is also crucial for child growth. Touch will calm him down, bring a bond and provide healthy development.

Your little one learns about cause and effect. When he hits something, it moves.

He becomes incredibly interested in people, especially in himself. A mirror is a must-have at this time.

The baby neck is stronger every day. This is a great moment for tummy time, that will strengthen his neck muscles. Start with 5 minutes a day.

He becomes generally stronger. He moves his legs and arms a lot. That is time to encourage his development with some toys that he can keep in his hands and explore.


The diameter is 4 inches. It is really small, perfect for little babies. Oball form allows an infant to catch it easily. This toy will grow with your baby. First, it is great for touch development. When a child is getting older you can roll it towards him and play.

Buy the regular Oball toy. Do not buy Oball rattles. Those were recalled due to choking hazard.

Buy it on Amazon


Activity Apple

Sensory Activity Apple is full of various texture materials, ready to be explored. Your little one will fall in love with the mirror. This apple includes also a teether, ready for upcoming challenges.

It is a perfect toy for a 3-month-old baby. Do you have any similar toys? Share your experience.

Buy on Amazon


4 Month

At this moment your kid can much more easily distinguish colors. So it is a great time to introduce more colorful toys and books.

The sense of touch is getting better day by day. Now he wants to touch everything. Anything he keeps in his hands will probably land in his mouth. You can stimulate your baby’s touch development by letting him keep various materials in his hand.

Teeth are coming!

Baby Security Blanket

What is a security blanket? It`s a cuddly thing that makes baby feel safe. When you are away, or he is in a new place, a security blanket brings the feeling of safety.

At the very beginning, a baby thinks that he and his mother are one. Around the 3rd month your little child starts to understand that he and you are two separate people. Furthermore, he doesn`t know that when you are out of his sight you still exist. That`s why he is terrified. This fear increases from the fourth month on. A security object reminds him of his mother and the baby feels safe.

I heard a lot of stories about my security blanket that was already really, really old but I wouldn`t allow it to be thrown away.

You can choose one of 6 various security objects here -> Buy it on Amazon

I personally like Multicolor Elephant. It`s made out of soft, high-quality materials.


 Rainforest Jumperoo

Rainforest Jumperoo has over 5000 reviews on Amazon and is 5 stars rated. I think this is a great and affordable product. Jumper is excellent for core and legs strength development. Assembly takes less than 10 minutes.

Put the jumper in front of a mirror. Your baby will have a lot of fun and you just won 30 extra minutes to do your things.

Watch movies of babies playing on jumpers. It`s such a lot of fun.

Buy it on Amazon


Taggies Monkey

What`s with the taggies? Taggies were born when a mom noticed that her baby is fascinated with satin blanket tags. Those toys have already been on the market for 10 years, and have blossomed into the world of fascinating playthings.

The toy is washable and very durable. There are 2 sizes of Taggies monkey. This one is smaller and measures 12”. You can go straight to a bigger one, 18″ but I think it is too big for now.

It doesn`t have any bell, rattle and it`s completely safe for infants.

Buy it on Amazon


5 Month

Most of the baby’s nerve cells are in the mouth.  That`s why everything baby may reach, most likely will end up in his mouth. You should occasionally wash toys, especially after everybody played with a baby.

Sitting up training is in progress. Some babies have already mastered the sitting up skill, but most of them still need to practice.

Time for Peek-a-boo 🙂 It will bring a lot of smiles.

The First Years Stacking Up Cups

Sit on your knees. Then position your baby between your legs. Her back is on your belly. Earlier prepare stacking cups in front of her. This position is excellent because you can support your baby and feel when she loses balance. It`s a great sitting up exercise.

They are easy to do, because they are quiet. Cups will also be part of bath time. There are holes in the bottom. Thanks to that cups don’t sink.

Buy it on Amazon


Lamb Baby Rattle

At age 3-6 months, a little baby is able to grasp small objects and loves cuddly things. Your little one loves rattles that make noise. Here it is – little cuddly lamb rattle.

When searching for rattles I am always aware of choking hazards. I am trying not to go crazy but it scares me a lot. This one is made by GUND company with more than 100 years of tradition, so I am not worried about safety.

Buy it on Amazon


Large Plush Cow Ring Rattle

Here is another rattle I love. It looks beautiful. A must have 😉

BPA free, made with Super Soft velboa fabric, very safe and durable material for infants.

This rattle is a great gift for a baby shower.

Buy it on Amazon


6 Month

Woohoo ! That`s your first half year. At this time a baby’s vision is much better. He will notice much more details than before. Your glasses, necklace, and ring will be more interesting than ever.

The sense of touch is also much better and baby is fascinated by touching new things such as water, paper ball, glass, and many other different materials.

Your little one starts recognizing various sounds and for sure will fall in love with animal sounds.

Rhyme and Discover Book

Discover book is an excellent gift for a 6 month old baby. It contains 7 popular nursery rhymes and over 20 songs. The book is simple, colorful and a “right on time” toy for a baby that is ready for new sounds, shapes, and experiences.

It`s made out of BPA free plastic. You can set the volume, low or high, so you don`t go crazy. Discover book is Amazon’s bestseller with plenty of positive comments.

Buy it on Amazon


Baby Einstein Octoplush

This cute plush toy is a very nice educational toy. I love how soft and cuddly it is. When baby squeezes Octoplush`s head, she hears different melodies. A baby can also squeeze Octoplush’s legs to hear 8 colors, along with a short classical tune.

You can choose out of 3 languages: English, Spanish and French.

Buy it on Amazon


7 Month

Some babies may already have their first tooth. But some don`t and it may take some time. For those that have started their adventure with teeth, a cold teething ring will be helpful.

Your baby now develops now motor and thinking skills. Provide toys that will encourage his growth.

He may have already mastered sitting but some babies may still have a problem with it. No worries. Your little one is perfectly normal 🙂 Keep in mind that all children are different and their development milestones may vary.

Wood Teething Ring Necklace – Safe

Teething occurs between 6 to 24 months of age. You will want to ease the pain of your sweetheart. I recommend you a wooden teether. I do not really believe in plastic ones. Even when they have safety certification.

I find this teether necklace perfect. First of all, it is an all-natural, safe, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, eco-friendly solution to teething woes. Second, it looks beautiful and stylish 😉 and you can always carry it with you.

Put the teether into the fridge. The cold will provide relief for teething symptoms. Watch out! Not the freezer!

But it on Amazon


Lamaze Mix & Match Caterpillar

When I saw this caterpillar toy for the first time, I felt immediately in love. It`s gorgeous. With all the colors and textures it becomes an amazing adventure for your little explorer. Because of so many parts, it`s really fascinating. Kids can pull parts apart and put it back together at random. The pieces of caterpillar stick together with velcro.

This toy will encourage the development of new motor and thinking skills. Give it a try.

Buy it on Amazon


8 Month

Your baby may be trying to stand up. You can help him by gently pulling on his arms. He will also try to pull himself towards furniture and stand up. It is great training for his legs and core stability. Assist him but do not try to speed up his development. Let him work at his own pace.

At this point, some kids will have their favorite toy. The little ones become emotionally attached to a cuddly toy, blanket or even smelly old scraps. Studies have shown that baby will prefer their old favorites to an identical new object. That`s how new emotions are born. Allow them to play with an old cherished blanket. Thanks to that your baby feels safe.

He learns more about cause and effect. It is a great time for a baby activity center or other toys with buttons.

Pull and Sing Puppy

A great lesson of cause and effect. Toys with buttons are excellent for the 8th month old.

Your child can also walk with his dog. The cord is included. Pulling the puppy will activate music and sound. It plays more than 60 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases.

Buy it on Amazon


Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car

At this moment you should introduce toys that will encourage crawling, cruising and standing. This sturdy, stationary car is fully loaded with activities inside and outside – that make your little baby move around the car.

If you order this toy do not forget about 3 AA batteries which are not included.

Buy it on Amazon


9 Month

The baby feels a strong attachment to you and is afraid of everyone else around. Your little one is used to his safe home area and you. Traveling may be a stressful experience. Always bring his security object with you.

Babbling on – Baby is talking to you! And you have to listen 🙂 More than that you must talk back. Talking, singing and performing in front of your kid is a great fuel for development. Talk to him as much as possible.

You can now use the stacking blogs suggested for month 5, used for sitting exercise.  The most fun will likely come from baby knocking down your pile all day long.

Oball (see 3rd month) can also be used now. Roll the ball right to your little boy. He will try to catch it.

Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks

Start simply and slowly. Begin with round blocks, then move on. There`s no rush.

These are the most popular sorting blocks on Amazon.

Does your child still put everything in their mouth? No worries. Fisher-Price is a top of the line toy producer. They use the best materials in their toys.

Buy it on Amazon


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy

This puppy is soft, cuddly and he`s a great learning experience for your baby. Puppy comes with smart technology, so you can choose one of three difficulty levels. This toy introduces 100 basic words including colors, numbers, letters and body parts. On higher levels, puppy gives suggestions such as: “Find your eyes,” and, “What color are your eyes?”. So it is an excellent learning and development toy for ages between 6 and 36 months.

Buy it on Amazon


10 Month

He can crawl,  cruise, sit back, pull from seated to standing position. Generally, his coordination is much better. He also learns how to fit small objects into bigger ones.

Memory skills improve a lot. He recognizes family members. You may be amazed how your little baby becomes an independent little person.


Laugh & Learn Around The Town Learning Table

Laugh & Learn Around is a great motivation for your baby to exercise. Baby moves around the table with the speed of light. Crawl, cruise, walk, doesn`t matter. What matters is that your baby exercises and gets stronger. Core stability is very important.There is never enough time to play. Expect, that your small independent person will negotiate to play a little longer.

Your baby doesn`t stand yet? No problem. Remove the toy’s legs and your little one can play in a sitting position.

The educational table is very sturdy. Baby may pull himself up to standing position. The table will not fall over.

Buy it on Amazon


Laugh & Learn Sis’ Smart Stages Purse

Hey, girls what do you like the most? Here it is! A cute purse for your little lady.

Be prepared that she is going to fill the purse with YOUR things and walk everywhere with it  🙂

Buy it on Amazon


11 Month

Now you are dealing with an independent small person. He wants to be independent and he will fight for it. You have to learn how to negotiate. That is a time for you to grow.

It is a good time for finger and hand puppets. It brings creativity and boosts imagination.  Talking and playing with puppets is a great exercise for your little person.

It`s important to talk to the baby as much as possible. Kiddo should be totally immersed in the language. I like to read to him. Not only children but people generally learn most in the evening, so bedtime reading would be it.

Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

It has so many great early learning features. The train teaches letters, numbers, colors, songs and stories! This toy can be taken apart so you get even more features.

It is well-balanced and won`t tip over. The train is sturdy and durable. The perfect choice for the price.

Recommended age is 12 months – 3 years. But actually, you can buy this toy when your baby shows interest in walking.

Buy it on Amazon


Giraffes Can’t Dance Board Book

This is one of the most beautiful baby board books I`ve ever seen. Illustrations are amazing. The story, about a giraffe following her dreams and finally realizing them, touches every heart.

I love this book. It`s empowering and you will read it to your baby for years.

Buy it on Amazon

12 Month

Most babies aren`t walking confidently yet but some do. Encourage walking by moving toys from one place to another. Your little one will most likely try to get a toy by walking or crawling towards it. Push-along toys will also encourage walking.

Play tunnel and tents are a great fun at this point. Actually, those are amazing for older kids as well. I remember how I was playing in my tent made of chairs and blanket. It is one of the best childhood memories.

Baby Xylophone or a drum is the best choice for 12 months. Music making is an important part of development. It`s also another lesson about cause and effect.

Wooden Baby Xylophone

I am in love with wooden toys. They feel so natural and are 100 % safe. This xylophone doesn`t contain plastic, so you don`t have to worry about BPA. It`s also lead-free and phthalate free.

This toy has over 500 reviews with a score of 4.9/5

It comes with a wooden eagle whistle. Your small musician is ready for new skills.

Buy in on Amazon


Baby Drum


Let`s stay in a musical mood. I would also get a baby drum. With two music toys, I can play together with my baby. It`s a wonderful lesson of interaction and turn-taking. Ed Sheeran also started with drums 😉

You can go for a baby drum even earlier. I would say as soon as your baby can sit up. This toy will be part of your play set for a long time. When the baby gets older and stronger you can cover the drum with a blanket, so it won’t make that much noise anymore.

Buy it on Amazon


Often we have too many toys at home, given to us by family members. I have to deal with a Shopaholic mother in law so I know something about it. Be aware that some toys may be dangerous, constitute a choking hazard, can be made out of toxic materials or painted with lead paint.

Actually, scientists says that in the case of toys, less is more, and kids should play with one toy at a time.

We take responsibility for our children’s development. Toys play an important role in this process. Choose wisely. I wish you happy, healthy kids.

Share what is your baby’s favorite toy 🙂


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