Swurfer Swing Review

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It`s the SWURFER. The next-generation outdoor board sport engineered for surfing the air!

Watch the movie below.

It is a great Hit. All children love it. The maximum weight is 250 pounds for the board. So.. trust me… You will love it too. Adults can also use it easily.  It is really quick to install. You can even take it with you for a trip. I have seen a movie of a family that hung it up over a canal.  Children were swinging and jumping into the water 🙂

On the one hand, it is great fun for children. On the other it is great for improving core body balance, stretching, and strengthening leg and arm muscles.

The manufacturer made it with handcrafted hard rock maple. That board has a smooth finish. It’s a good idea to get SwurfGrip traction pads for maximum grip.

Drop some extra pounds

I think that my story is a great example of how to lose weight in an easy and quick way. I used to be fat. Today I am in my best shape ever. It makes me so happy and grateful. For me, it was always difficult to persevere with training. Because actually, I have never liked running or the gym. I still don`t really like it. A solution is to do a sport that you like to do. In my opinion, flying in the air is fun and a good way to lose some pounds. Especially because it is really tiring. But you don’t feel tired like while running because you have great fun at the same time.

I want to surf but there aren`t any usable tree branches. May I use it on a normal swing set?

Keep in mind that you need a bunch of sway room. The manufacturer says that as long you’ll be Swurfing away from the ends of the swing set, it is safe.  You can also install it on a porch using eye-bolts, under a deck, or even on a cable suspended between trees. Make sure you have enough space and there is nothing in sight.  To use it with a normal wooden swing set you will need Swurfer Swingset Conversion Bracket


I am worried about Installation

I was also worried about installation but this video makes it so easy. The founder of Swurfer explains how to install it. You will need to identify a safe branch. In most cases, you can tell by looking at it. You will also get everything that`s needed for installation with your order. Don`t worry. It is really easy to hang it on a branch.


The Swurfer swings any direction you want. Just do it your way. When it’s not being used to surf the air, it can become an old fashioned grandma swing. Then just relax and enjoy gentle swing time with your toddler. That is until the child kick you off so they can swurf again.

My branch is higher than 20 feet

I have good news for you. A swurfer includes 80 feet of rope. That is enough to hang a board from a branch 20 feet high. But, there is also 160 feet of rope available. It is enough to hang from branch 40 feet high. After all, there is always a way.


There is also a way to turn it into an extreme experience. The higher a branch is, the faster and further you can swing. There are videos on YouTube of people who hang it on 40 and 60-foot branches. The minimum height is 8 feet off the ground.


The Swurfer sells on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price.  It’s not cheap, but it isn’t horribly expensive either.  In my opinion, it’s worth the price it commands.



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