Parents Choice, TOP 5 Play Teepees

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Have you fallen in love with those beautiful kids teepee tents?

They`re becoming really popular now and would be cool to have one at home 🙂 Kids will love it.

Having fun in a homemade play tent is one of my most beautiful childhood memories. Probably not only mine. We used to use chairs or table, a blanket that was given to us by my mother and some pillows. Mhmm… It was a great place to play, hide, or just sit there. It was my hideaway.

Nowadays it`s possible to buy everything on Amazon. There is also a wide choice of play tents. I did some research and I would like to share my thoughts with you.

First of all – always read customer reviews. Products often look amazing in a picture but in reality, it`s crap.

I`ve seen a lot of really expensive teepees that cost $200-800. I wouldn’t personally spend that much money on playing tent. I used to play for free 🙂 Of course some people want a luxury product. But in this article, I will focus on low-cost and cool TeePees.

There are many issues with the quality of play teepees. That’s why I have also reviewed those you should avoid.

Fairy Playtime Teepee

I love that fairy design. This color brights up the room. It’s perfect for little girls.

Height – 54″ Width – 46″-50″ It’s made of 100% cotton and 5 sturdy poles. The last thing you want is the tent falling apart. That one is easy to install,  sturdy and durable. The fabric is very thick. It’s comfortable for two, 4-5 year olds. You will put it together easily in 10 minutes without any help.

Fairy playtime Teepee includes a removable ground mat, so you can go outside with it. A lot of teepees don`t. The mat is also beautifully designed.

This particular tent has only a few reviews but researching Magic Cabin brand I haven`t found any Teepee with a comment under 3 stars, so I think that’s a good choice.

If you want something high quality without emptying your wallet, go for fairy playtime teepee.

Buy it on Amazon




Are you looking for a really big Teepee, so few kids will fit inside?

Bluenido tent is one of best choices among big teepees. It’s great for a birthday party. Minimum height is 52′ inside. Depends on how you adjust the poles. It’s 42 inches between each pole.

The teepee was made in China. I wish it was in the USA. But it was tested in the USA and it’s safe.There are two windows, for better ventilation.

Are looking for an outdoor tent? I wouldn`t recommend this one. It’s plain white. It will get dirty really quickly. Better choose a colored one. There are plenty of them.

It’s highly rated. This Teepee gets 4,9 out of 5-star Amazon ranking. If you need a teepee for more kids, this is the tent for you.

Buy it on Amazon



Teepee Children Playhouse 6 Pole

I wouldn’t buy this one myself! Check out why!

Affordable teepee with one of the highest ratings on Amazon.  89% of buyers gave 5 stars to this product and none of them less than 3 stars. While researching this particular teepee I found out where those high ratings come from. 

The seller set the price at $34 for few weeks. After he received a lot of good reviews he increased it to 76$. Quite a lot in comparison to the previous price…

I personally don`t like that kind of manipulation. Probably most of the comments were good because of the low price people paid.

Take a look at it on Amazon 


Navy Canvas Kids Teepee Tent 


This is one of my favorites. It’s sturdy and durable, made with thick fabric.

The poles are made of hardwood (eucalyptus). That’s an asset in comparison to other teepees poles that are mostly made of pine wood. Once it’s assembled you can easily collapse it and put it back in a corner.

Inside you will find pockets for books and some colored pencils. The door can be easily closed with the velcro.

There is plenty of room, so you`ll also be invited in. The tent is 62″ tall and the base is 48″ x 48″ wide.

Everything is included with this tent. So you won’t have to run to your local hardware store to buy anything extra. I’ve seen multiple comments on other tents that said the most annoying thing was missing parts.

This Teepee with it’s low price and high quality is one of the best choices in the Teepee world.  Whether kids are playing now or not it looks great in a room. I would personally buy this one. It’s better quality than many other branded, expensive Teepees. A great hideout for your kids.  Buy it on Amazon

You can rarely find Teepees with the bottom canvas attached to the side. This one has.  It’s done that way so the poles wont touch the floor. They are sewn as well. Thanks to that the tent keeps its shape much better than others.


KidKraft Teepee, Orange

Watch out for KidKraft Teepees

A lot of websites have articles on this product, saying that it’s great. I don’t know why. Ok. It looks really cute. But I found a lot of reviews on Amazon saying it smells bad. I don’t want to say any bad word about the company KidKraft, but this product seems to have a lot to improve. 

Go to Amazon yourself and read some reviews –> Here

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I do not represent any brand and I wasn`t paid to write this article. I am a participant in the Amazon Affiliate Program. Thanks to that I am able to run this site.

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