Fun Craft to do with Your Kids with Pine Cones

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Christmas is around the Corner! Pines Cones are about to be everywhere so why not take a pretending adventure with your little ones hunting for pine cones. This is a very fun craft to do.
First, you will need to find the Pine Cones.
Second, you will paint the Pines Cones.
The third step is to glue the Felt and Taran! You are ready to enjoy the cutest Pine Cones On Earth!
My son calls them Kitten Cars… and he enjoys to play with them plus every time mommy sees him playing I remember how much fun we had hunting and painting them! =)
These are materials you will need:
-Pine Cones
-Glue for Fabric
-And Imagination!

A little about the Author. I am a mother of one Toddler Boy. Born in PR and I actually live in Florida. 32 years old 10 years happily married. As a family we are in the pursuit of enjoying every time with our son in the simplest but most amazing Way!

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