First pocket knife for your child

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What is the perfect age for a child’s first pocket knife?

6-8 is an age when you may introduce this tool to them. But every child is different so you have to judge for yourself if they are ready for the first knife or not. I would say that as soon as they recognize the difference between tool and toy, they can get a pocket knife.  Of course only under your supervision and with a good explanation of safety rules.

How to choose a knife for a child

First of all, choose a quality knife. When you choose quality, you also choose safety. A cheap knife is worse than no knife at all. It can be dangerous to your child and to anybody around them. A knife has to be tough and easy to sharpen. Sharpening of a knife may be difficult even for an adult, and your child will definitely want to learn that skill. A knife has to be properly sized. Do not buy a small fiddly knife because it is difficult to control. On the other hand do not get a big knife, that won’t fit in your child’s hand. The best choice is a medium sized knife.

Get a knife with a locking blade mechanism. It will save you a lot of worries. At the end of this article, I will list a few knives meeting all of those characteristics.

Can a child carry a pocket knife?

Yes, of course, it’s legal. As long as they don’t bring it to school or play in public. Children have to be aware that a knife is a tool, not a toy. It also depends on what kind of knife we talk about and where you live.  The best way to be sure about it is to check a local state law. In most states, it is forbidden to carry a knife longer than 3 or 4 inches. There is also a difference in a child’s knife and a tactical knife, right? After all,  common sense is everything.

Pocket knife safety

  1. Never let your children use a knife without being under your supervision – it means that you hold on to the knife and your child can ask to use it.
  2. Use your knife only when nobody is within reach. When somebody is close to you, you can hurt him. It’s really dangerous.  So make sure no one is around you.
  3. Never cut towards yourself. Never cut towards somebody else.
  4. Walking with a pocket knife – if you’ve already talked to your child about scissors safety rules, then the same applies here. It’s dangerous to run with a knife open and it should be kept away from the body. Teach your child to fold the knife after every use.
  5. Do not throw your pocket knife for any reason.

Child-friendly pocket knives

Nathan’s Knife is a wooden knife recommended for children age 7 and older, but you can definitely buy it for younger children. It’s a perfect way to introduce your children to knives. What’s important it’s made of high-quality wood and is 100% safe. It’s a great way to learn safety rules before your child’s will get a real pocket knife.  Although it isn’t sharp you can use it for opening amazon boxes or other basic tasks. You can buy Nathan’s Knife on Amazon.


Swiss Army Fieldmaster Pocket Knife is a great choice for a child’s first knife. It has everything you can imagine and your child will be more than happy. I recommend this one because it was my first knife. It’s high quality, sturdy and easy to open. Remember it’s not a toy and your child should use it only under your supervision. Those blades are really sharp. Click here to see current pricing on Amazon.


Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker Cub Scout Pocket Knife, Blue. I recommend Victorinox knives in general. They hold a good edge and are high quality. Teach your child how to keep it clean and this pocket knife will serve them for years. Click here to see current pricing on Amazon.


Victorinox Swiss Army. I also found something for your little girl. It’s very light and nice design. It’s only 2,3 inches long, perfect for a small child’s hands. This pink swiss army pocket knife you can get on Amazon. You can buy it here. 


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