Cheapest way to ship board games

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You are an experienced player and probably you would like to sell some of your old board games. Those brought a lot of fun but now they only gather dust. If you don’t use them anymore it’s time to give them a second life.   But the problem occurs when it comes to shipment. The cost may be so high, that it doesn’t make any sense to send them.  Shipment may also be a headache if you have never done it before.

I have had a lot of experience with shipping over the years. But it wasn’t that easy at the beginning. People wanted to know final price they would have to pay for my product including shipment. It was difficult to estimate the final price. But after I sent a few packages it became easy for me. Selling my old board games gave me an idea for this post. That’s why I am writing an easy shipping guide for you. Thank you for reading my blog and if you find this post helpful, please comment or share your experience with me.


I package all of my things almost for free. In supermarket or grocery stores, they are more than happy to give away used cardboard boxes. Take plenty of them. They are in many different sizes so just cut them and seal them. Then wrap the package in brown shipping paper. I have never got any complaint and my goods were really fragile. The package might not look fancy but if you sell games just occasionally it’s totally fine. They will be fine.

Remember, never buy boxes from the post office and don’t let them box it for you. It costs a lot. You can easily do it yourself.  It’s a good idea to request some free flat rate boxes. Why are they free?  It’s because some boxes, for example, USPC are used only for priority shipping. But in my experience, USPS is usually the cheapest option. Many firms give you free packaging because they just want you to ship things with them.

If you want to send cheap and you don’t like my cardboard box solution – buy packages on your own. A box from OfficeMax is about $4.

If you go for USPS you should:

  • Get Priority Mail Regional Rate boxes – small games usually fit in
  • Get Priority Mail Flat-rate boxes – for big games shipment

It would be great to put a board game in bubble wrap. You can get used bubble wrap for free from any warehouse.


Check or for the best rates.  These are really helpful websites which allow you to compare the best shipping offers from USPS, UPC, FedEx, and others.

In my experience, USPS is usually the cheapest option. To calculate a price go to


  • Keep in mind that because board games are quite big, shipping is usually expensive. So it is difficult to make good money on reselling board games
  • Most importantly, the buyer covers the shipping costs. But of course, you need to organize a cheap shipment
  • The shipping price is based on size and weight. Buy a cheap $10 scale. It will save you a headache.
  • It would be great to put a board game in bubble wrap. You can get used bubble wrap for free from any warehouse. Just look around.
  • If you order something on Amazon, keep packaging materials. You can reuse them for free

What is the average cost of shipping a board game?

I would say that together with packaging materials you will have to pay around $15.


Can board games be shipped media mail?

No, Media Mail allows you to send books and films only. It was designed to support the flow of educational materials through the mail. Board games are perceived as entertainment and they do not serve the same goals as books and films. According to me, it is not true, but you can not send board games with media mail.



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