Best LOW PRICE Swing Ever

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When I was a kid, I spent most of my time outside. There was always something to do with my friends. Actually, I couldn’t stand sitting at home. There were way too many cool things to do outside. I still remember the feeling when I was grounded and I couldn’t go out. It was terrible 😉

But times have changed. Kids play on smartphones and tablets all day long. I have feeling that they don`t know what they are missing out on. But we can still show them how it is to have fun outside. Let’s start with our little backyard playground. Today I will write about the best, affordable swings available on the internet.

The Internet is basically full of low-quality playsets.  These are difficult to assemble, missing some parts and break down really quickly. I would like to prevent parents from buying something for their children and ending up disappointed when the swing set is not that what they expected.

If you want to have a swing set in your backyard, that your children will play with longer than 1 or 2 years, never buy cheap and at the same time incredibly good-looking sets. You will lose your money. When something looks great and at the same time is cheap it can’t be good. Trust me.

And honestly… Do you need a castle in your backyard? NO! Your kids will have a great fun with a regular swing. We can organize a great playground much cheaper.

If you want something big and amazing, for a low price – do it yourself. Just buy plans and do it yourself. It isn`t difficult. Here you can find an amazing DIY article. But let`s say you have no time, and in this case, you choose convenience. So let`s focus on what we can get for a good price.


All children love it. You will love it too.  It is really easy to install. You can even take it with you for a trip. I saw a movie of a family that hung it up over a canal. Kids were swinging and jumping into the water. A great experience 🙂

On the one hand, it is fun for children. On the other it is great for improving core body balance, stretching, and strengthening leg and arm muscles.

You can use it on a regular swing set. You can buy it here.

Actually I wrote an article about The Swurfer. Here it is.



Swing-N-Slide Wooden Swing Set BIG

One person can put it together, but it will be easier with two. The wood is covered with varnish and it lasts very long. 

You will be more than happy with this swing set.

You can buy it here.


Swing-N-Slide Wooden Swing Set Small

5 years Warranty. Safe. Fast and Easy Setup. Includes 2 swings. The thing is solid. It is possible to add a baby swing to this set.

I would go for it. Customers are mostly happy with this swing set. Most important for me, it is safe. This playset is good quality and has a long warranty. I think that it is the best choice for this price.

You can buy it on Amazon –> Here




Swing N’ Spin- Safety rated to 600 lb

It’s ready to hang. So if you have any space to hang it on is a perfect choice. It can be hung on a tree, old swing set, or on a porch.

It is a long-term investment. The swing is big enough so children will not outgrow it. It can handle up to 600 lbs.

Easy to install and use. It`s big enough for 3 people swinging at the same time. Customers often say it is amazing cause their children can use it together.

It is attached to 2 D-rings, so it is quick to assemble and disassemble.

Most importantly, it is SAFE. You can get it here.









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