14 Best Lego Sets for 12 – 16 Year Olds

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Hey there, and thanks for checking out my blog. This week, I’d like to talk to you about Lego. I defy you, right off the bat, to find a person who, at some point in their life, has never played with a Lego set. It would , of course, e a rhetorical request because it can’t be done. The reason it can’t be done is that pretty much everybody will have played with Lego at one point. Okay, obviously that’s a slight exaggeration on my part, but I’m simply trying to emphasize the fact that Lego is so incredibly popular. When I was growing up, Lego was a great deal more basic than it is now, and while it didn’t make it any less fun, I do wish I’d had the type of Lego sets growing up that kids have nowadays. Kids love playing with Lego, and as it turns out, so do teens and young adults. There are some kick-ass Lego sets currently available, and if I tried to look at each one this blog would end up turning into a small novel. Instead, what I will be doing is looking at 15 of the best Lego sets for 12 – 16 year olds. Whether you’re looking for early Christmas gift ideas, or if you’re simply looking to treat your kid, or yourself, to a new Lego set, here’s a look at 15 great ideas to help get things started.


Lego Creator: London Bus

If you’re a fan of London, or a fan or Buses, or a fan of Lego in general, this Lego set is ideal. As you might have guessed, this Lego set comes in the form of a trademark red double-decker bus which has become synonymous with London over the years. Well, I say the set comes in the form of a bus, it doesn’t come that way at all, you build it. The exact number of pieces required for this build is 1686 and the detail is astonishing. The roof can be removed and with things like individual seats, and a staircase from the lower to the upper level, this Lego set is great. It will be will be released on January 1,  2018.  But you can pre-order it here on Amazon.


Lego Batman Movie Batmobile

Not only is Lego popular amongst model building enthusiasts, it is also popular amongst movie buffs. The Lego Batman movie for example, was a surprising hit and was so popular that Lego has released the Lego Batman Batmobile Lego set. This Batmobile is great because it has been designed, when complete, to allow the wheels to fold out at 90 degrees, so drifting around corners, and parallel parking is easier and more exciting than ever. The Batmobile set even has a feature where the roof can fly off, allowing Lego Batman to make a quick escape if he is in trouble. With 581 pieces, this Lego set is great for people looking for a fairly large project which isn’t too big. If you would like to have your own Batmobile you can buy it here on Amazon.


Lego Star Wars AT-ST Walker

This is the first Lego Star Wars set to feature on our list, but rest assured, it certainly won’t be the last. Click here to see current pricing on Amazon. This Lego set when complete, takes on the form of the hugely popular AT-ST Walker from many of the Star Wars movies. The legs can be posed in different ways, it has not one, but two shooters which are spring loaded, the cockpit opens, and the set even comes with a Rebel trooper, an AT-ST operator, and a Baze Malbus figure.




Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon Set

The Millennium Falcon needs no introduction for any Star Wars fan. This Lego set takes on the form of Han Solo’s ship, The Millennium Falcon and it is one of the highest rated Lego sets ever created. The kit comes with 1320 pieces and is fairly complex to put together. It’s however, well worth the wait, especially if you’re a Star Wars lover. There are even 6 figures from the old and new Star Wars universe. You can but it here on Amazon.



Lego Batman Batcave

That Lego Batman sure is a popular guy isn’t he? Well, to be fair, he does fight crime, so he’s okay in my book. This Lego set takes on the form of, yes, the Batcave, along with Bruce Wayne’s study, located handily directly above it. This is quite fiddly to put together, but it is incredibly rewarding once complete. Lego Batman Batcave is on sale. You can get it here.



Lego Creators: Mighty Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are pretty bad ass and if you’re a fan of these amazing creatures which once roamed our planet, make sure you check out this next set. The Mighty Dinosaurs set features 3 kits in 1. One of the best-selling kits ever created, there are only 174 pieces, yet it looks a great deal more complex than you might think. With this set, you can build either: a T-Rex, a Pterodactyl, or a Triceratops. You can get this set on Amazon. Check current pricing.



Lego Simpsons House 

The Simpsons is an animated TV show that needs no introduction. Ironically, it is the intro to the show that may remind you of this Lego set. The set takes the form of the iconic Simpson’s home, complete with garage and car. Best of all is that the home opens up, so you can work on the interior and recreate your favorite scenes from the show. This giant set contains 2523 pieces and requires a lot of work and attention to detail, but it is well worth it. Take a look on Amazon sale here.



Lego Jurassic World Indominus Rex Breakout 

This kit is fantastic, especially if you’re a fan of the 2015 movie Jurassic World, or Dinosaurs in general. Featuring a huge Indominus Rex from the movie, along with a detailed compound, and other vehicles from the movie, this 1156 piece Lego Set is great fun and with its ice cool blue and white color, it is very eye-catching.  This set is a little expensive. Click here to see current pricing on Amazon, so it’s a good idea to put it on your wish list so will wait for its time.



Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse

If you’re a fan of Ghostbusters, either the original or the remake, this next Lego set is the perfect addition to your collection. As you might have guessed, it takes the form of the iconic Firehouse from Ghostbusters and is a lot more complex than it looks. You see, the set swings open on hinges, allowing you to not only build the exterior but also the interior as well, with several rooms to focus on. The set contains 4634 pieces and is the largest set on our list so far.  You can buy it here on Amazon.



Lego Tower Bridge

Those guys and gals over at Lego just can’t seem to get enough of London, as we have yet another London-themed addition to add to the collection. This Lego set takes the form of the iconic Tower Bridge in London, and it’s huge! This suspension bridge requires a lot of attention to detail as the colors are so similar but once complete, boy is it impressive. You can take a closer look at it on Amazon.



Lego Creator: Sydney Opera House

When people think of Sydney, Australia, they instantly think of the iconic Opera House. This Lego set is great for budding architects with a passion for travel and culture. The 2989 piece set allows users to build a replica of the iconic Opera House using nothing but Lego, and once complete, it looks amazing. There are many hours of building required here, but once completed you’ll be so glad you stuck with it. That lego set is a big challenge, only for experts. So if you think you can handle it, take a closer look at it here on Amazon.



Lego Eiffel Tower

 The great thing about Lego is that not only is it fun, it is also educational. This Eiffel Tower set is great for kids with an interest in travel, geography, and/or culture. Once complete, this replica of the iconic Parisian landmark stands more than 4 feet in height, making it one of the biggest Lego sets currently on the market. The Lego set contains more than 3000 pieces, 3428 to be precise, and is not for those of you who are lacking patience. The reason for this is that each of the bricks contained in this set is very similar in color to one another, so distinguishing between each one is not easy, and is not quick. This Lego set is insane. I place The Tower on this list because it is really interesting but I don’t think I would handle this project 🙂 You can buy it on Amazon here.



Lego Taj Mahal

For those of you looking for the biggest, most complexes Lego sets to date, the Lego Taj Mahal is perfect. This set contains a staggering 5922 pieces, and at one point, was the biggest Lego set on the market. As you can probably guess, this Lego set allows you to recreate the Jewel of India, in the stunning Taj Mahal – one of the most beautiful buildings and most perfect pieces of architecture ever created. This is one of the tougher Lego sets, and ideally, is best suited for those aged 14 and above. The reason why it has a reputation for being so tough is the fact that, because of the unique design, which relies heavily on symmetry, all it takes is just one misplaced brick, and the entire design will be completely wrecked. As you may have guessed, patience is a virtue with this build, so if you are lacking in the old patience department, it is best that you give the Lego Taj Mahal set a pretty wide berth. You can buy it here on Amazon



Lego Death Star 

That’s no moon! Finally, we’ll finish things off with what was once considered the Holy Grail of the Lego Star Wars world, the Lego Death Star. Over the years, there have been several Lego Death Star sets released.  You can but this one on Amazon. And let’s just hope that there aren’t any rebel alliance X wings flying around to spoil the fun.

Phew. That right there signals the end of our little Lego adventure. I love Lego, my kids love Lego, and I’m sure you and yours, all do as well. Whether you’re looking for a basic Lego set to begin with, or something a lot more complex and detailed, hopefully, the suggestions in this article will inspire you to get creative and to expand your existing Lego collections.

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