11 Outdoor Activities for 6 – 8 Year Olds

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Being a parent means that you spend much of your energy trying to present the world to your children and trying to have them always learning and growing! Sometimes this is easier said than done. There are also many other things to take care of and it can be tricky to always come up with ways to entertain and enable our children’s development. Not to worry though!

That’s what this article is all about. Children have a lot of energy and they’re always moving, so it’s good to help them along in any way we can and guide them. That includes playing! So that’s why today I bring you some amazing activities to get your children outside and have some good old fun. Let’s take a break from the screens and try these activities out so we can create beautiful, happy memories with our kids.

Water Balloon War

This is a particularly great activity for sunny days! All you’ll need is small balloons and water. Fill them all and hand the ammunition to your kids. They can play with each other or you can have a few friends over. You’ll have to divide the group into two teams and have them stand in a line facing each other. Once the war starts they won’t stay in formation for much longer, but it’s a good way to begin.

When you give the sign, they have to start throwing water balloons at each other. The one team with the least amount of wet participants can declare itself the winner. The idea is that they run around the backyard and they use the space to their advantage. Also, they’ll have so much fun!

This is a good way to practice eye-hand coordination as they try to aim for their temporary enemies and gross motor skills as they run around.

Paper Masks

This one is pretty self-explanatory and it’s a great way to enjoy time outside in a very different way. The crafty preparations of this activity will keep your kids occupied for some time as they decorate their paper masks. Provide them with the supplies they may need and leave them to exercise their imaginations. Make sure you measure the bags into their heads so you can cut holes for them to see.

Once the masks are ready you can take them outside for them to role play. The wonderful thing about this activity is that they get to practice their fine motor skills in the making of the crafts and they also get to put their imaginations to work as they come up with ideas for characters and fantasy worlds in their backyards.


Supermarket Scavenger Hunt

This is a clever little way of getting your children to help you do the shopping while also giving them something fun for them to do. The only preparation you’ll need to make for this activity is the grocery list. Only this time it will be a little different. You’ll have to leave the names out and instead, you’ll have to clip from the newspaper the pictures of the things you want them to look for.

The point is that they go around the supermarket looking for the matching product. This is a really big challenge for your kids, so try not to make the list too long unless you want to spend the whole day at the supermarket. Some of the items you can include are: popcorn, berries, apples, bananas, pudding, yogurt, peanut butter, string cheese, or any other thing they might like.

This is a great way to get your kids out of their comfort zone as they’ll have to ask for other people to help them if they need it. It’s good to get them to communicate with other people and be polite!

Superhero-themed Playground

This is a playground you can put together at home and you don’t have to go anywhere. This will be especially great for those kids who find themselves on their superhero worship stage. But the good thing is that you can change the theme up and adjust the activities. Get your kids dressed up and let’s get started!

One of the activities on the playground will be a superhero balance beam. Take some chalk and three balance beams on the sidewalk. You can also draw circles at the end of each beam to work as a jumping target. They can go through the beams however they like, walking, jumping, etc.  Another activity can be jumping! Just lay down a bat on the floor or some other object they can jump over so they can jump back and forth as many times as they can.

Another thing you can do is place a hula hoop on the ground so they can jump to it from different distances. You can add any other challenges you can think of, your kids will be grateful. Plus, they’ll burn a lot of calories and a lot of energy so they’ll be nice and tired. Ready for bedtime.


This is a great game to play in your backyard because it’s best played in open spaces. If there’s grass, that’s better. Get your kids together and choose one of them to be the sculptor. The sculptor’s job is to stand and have each of the other children come to him. Once they do, he twirls them around and then lets them go.

Once he lets go, the children have to freeze in the position they fall into so they become statues! Whoever can hold their crazy positions for the longest time gets to be the sculptor on the next round. You’ll have so much fun seeing what kind of positions the kids get themselves into. There will be giggles for days!

Call Ball

This one is pretty simple. Get your kids outside and choose one of the children to be the caller; he’ll have to stand in the middle while the others form a circle around him. While he stands in the middle, he has to throw a ball up into the air. As the ball is still in the air, the caller has to call for the name of one of the kids in the circle. This kid has to run and catch the ball.

If you’re playing with a bouncing ball, then the caller can call the name of one of the kids when the ball first bounces off the ground. That way the child can have a bit more time to catch it. This game can go on forever and the kids will just love it!

Backyard Bowling

All you’ll need is some water bottles or cans or any other thing that can be rolled down by a ball. Place them as pins 10 or 15 feet away from your children; keep in mind their physical abilities and their strength.

Now all there’s left to do is roll a ball, it can be any kind of medium ball, and see how many “pins” they can strike! If you see your kids struggling a bit, you can find a bigger ball or just let them stand closer.

Beanbag Throw

This is a fun activity for your kids to play outdoors. For this simple game, you’ll need tape or some string, beanbags for each player, and a basket or a container of some sort. To make the setup all you have to do is mark two lines about 6 feet apart with the tape or string.

The point is that the players have to stand at one line and throw their beanbag toward the other line and try to get it as close as possible without crossing it. The player who gets it closer to the line wins!

If this proves too difficult for your kids, you can have them throw it into a basket or other container instead and have more beanbags available for each player. That way, the player who gets the most bean bags in will be the winner.

Beanbag Race

This is another fun use for beanbags! All you’ll need is some string or tape and beanbags! Just like on the previous game, you’ll have to mark two lines on the floor with the tap or string. This time, they’ll be 10 feet apart. Give each player a beanbag and have them stand on the starting line.

Once you give them the order to take off, they’ll have to race to the finish line either crawling while balancing the beanbags on their backs or running while balancing the beanbags on their knees. If their beanbags hit the ground before reaching the finish line, they’re out!

Firefly, Firefly

You can play this game during the day, but as you can imagine it’s a lot more fun in the dark. Just take your kids outside and dust off your flashlight! All the players have to form a circle. One of them gets to be “it”; he’ll take the flashlight and stand in the center of the circle. Then he’ll turn around while everyone sings:

Firefly, firefly in the night,

Firefly, firefly shining bright.

Turn to your left,

And turn to your right,

Pick a new friend and shine your light.

At that moment, the one in the center has to flash their flashlight on someone in the circle and now they get to be “it”!


One of the classic outdoor games that are never getting old! Use chalk to draw up that hopscotch board you know so well on your sidewalk or your driveway. Once you do that, get your kids outside and explain the game if they don’t already know it. Give them a stone or something to mark their spot and have them throw it to the grid that marks the number 1.

Then, they’ll have to jump on the court and then back again without touching the grid that has the stone. You can make this challenging by asking them to jump up on their right foot and then back down on their left foot. If any of the players step on the lines or on their mark, they will have to start over again. But the first one to reach number 10 wins!

There you have it! Your kids will have so much fun with these activities. Try to get through them all and don’t miss out on anything. All of the activities on the list are meant to get your kids some exercise and also put their minds to work!

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