10 Games to Play outside With 2 Players

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Finally, we all have a break to enjoy life more and to spend quality time with our loved ones. It’s the season of sunshine, play, traveling, and more. Having so much free time on your hands can be overwhelming when it comes to figuring out how to spend it, and if you’re spending most of the time at home you really have to go outside! My grandma always says to go out every day. There’s where the magic happens.
In order for you to make the most of it I bring you a list of two-player games to play outside. These are games you can either play with your kiddo or you can show them how it’s done for them to play with a friend. Whatever you do with these ideas, I promise it will be fun!
Why only two players, you might ask? Well, I wanted to focus on small families, like mine. Those games are great to keep kids minds active and introduce them to the idea of strategy. Let’s get started!

Flashlight tag

This one is not a game for the daytime! So once the sun goes down, you can get your kid and take them outside for a little healthy fun before or after dinner. This game could be played by several people. But for the sake of this article and for the sake of spending some time bonding with your kid, we’ll leave it at two players. Or maybe you have two little rascals that can play with each other!
This game is a great use of those flashlights you bought but you never really get to use. First of all, one of the players has to be designated “it”; flashlight in hand. The other player has to run around and find a good hiding spot. As you can imagine, the light has to be shined on the second player once he’s found and then he becomes “it”. Now it’s time for the first player to hide, and so the game continues. Kids will love it and the only risk is that it could go all night!

The walk of the blind man

A competition for two! You won’t need anything; you just have to set up an obstacle course in your backyard. Use things you have at hand, the important thing is to get creative! You can set up the course yourself and get your kids outside to surprise them. Once they see it, they can even pile on some more ideas. Or you can also just set it up together. Either way, it’s a good time!
Once the course is all done, it’s time to take turns blindfolding each other. Set up a timer on your phone to measure how much it takes you both to go through the obstacles. Once they’re done, the one who made it through in as little time as possible is the winner! Get ready to rearrange the obstacle course around because they will definitely ask for a rematch.

Frozen t-shirts

Yup, you read correctly. This is a perfect game for a particularly sweltering day. All you have to do is soak a couple of shirts in water, squeeze the excess and fold them. Then it’s time to put them in the freezer and keep them there overnight. Make sure you use wax paper to separate them so they don’t stick together.
Next day, get your kids outside and enjoy a little fun in the sun. Surprise them by taking out the frozen t-shirts and have a little competition. The one who unfolds the shirt and puts it on first wins! It’s so strange, but it’s so much fun. Plus, it’s a unique way to cool down after spending some time in the sun.

Shoot it out

Okay, it is not what you think! This is just a great way to give those completely safe, harmless water guns a good use. They don’t get much attention anymore, but you can make them cool again. Make a little stand and place some empty soda cans or other light objects at hand. Go get your kid and challenge him to see who can hit more targets with the water guns!
You have to place the targets at a distance according to the range of the water guns you have available. Trust me; your kids will love this! They will find unexpected joy in a toy of which they really didn’t think much.

Giant Jenga

Do you happen to have some extra wood planks lying around? It might be time to give them a new purpose. This is a great game that can be played by two and it’s just another form of challenging each other. You’ll have fun, and that’s the important thing! All you need to do is take those wood planks and cut them into 2×4 pieces.
You can have your child help you decorate them as he or she sees fit. It’s great to do this sort of thing together! Creating new things out of old ones makes for a great bonding experience. Plus, you put their minds to work! After you have your pieces ready, put together your tower and get started. May the best one win!

Bean bag toss

This is another great DIY game for two players. All you have to do is get your ladder out of the garage. Make signs to mark how many points can be earned by getting the bean bags through each rung. If you don’t have any bean bags at hand you can definitely make them with your child. They’re very easy! Just get some fabric, some beans and create little pouches.
Now, all there’s left to do is go outside and see who gets more points!



Glow in the dark bowling

This is another game for after sundown. It’s yet another way to engage your kids in some DIY fun! All you have to do is create the pins. Get enough water bottles and glow in the dark sticks. You just have to put a glow in the dark stick in every bottle; that’s it!
Wait for the sun to go down, go outside, place the pins and get started! You can use a basketball or any other ball you have at hand as a bowling ball replacement. The important thing is that you make it different!


Digging for dinosaurs

This is a great way to engage your child’s mind and investigative abilities. If they particularly like dinosaurs it’s going to be really fun for them. You can even dress them up as an archeologist! All you need to do is grab those toy dinosaurs and bury them around in the yard.
You can use any toy, really. All you would have to do is think of a theme that goes well with the toys so you can have the bit of extra fun dressing up and acting out the game as you let your kid dig out the toys.



Scavenger hunt

This one is a great way to both give your children a few small, interesting gifts or sweets and making them work for them. You also engage their minds into following your clues and finding the hiding spots. Remember to organize this according to what your child is capable of doing. There are a lot of variations to this game! You can either make up your own scavenger hunt if you’re feeling creative, or you can find one on the internet. You can even have it be themed so you can get more fun out of it.


Potato sack race

You don’t actually have to have potato sacks to run this race. Pillowcases will do just fine. Challenge your child to beat you in one of the essential childhood games! All you have to do is get those pillowcases and set a starting and a finishing line. The first one to hop their way to the finish line is the winner! It’s such a simple way to enjoy a nice day and you’ll also get some exercise out of it!




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